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The site allows the printing of one (1) of each of the purchased MHS assessments for use with the intended respondent and for the purpose of administration and scoring. The purchased forms will be downloadable as a portable document form (PDF) and is uniquely identified and numbered and is only available for use by the authorized User of the site. Any unauthorized reproduction of the form(s) is not permitted. The User is expressly prohibited from copying, duplicating, or downloading MHS services or materials, including MHS assessments in any other manner.  


Please contact MHS customer service at [email protected] if you require more information about MHS online services. If you believe that you have received an unauthorized copy of an MHS form, please contact MHS’ Department of Legal Affairs at [email protected].


Online or Paper-Based Assessment

MHS supports both online and paper-based assessment administration.  Should you choose to use paper-based assessment administrations, you will be responsible for all additional costs associated with printing the assessment materials.



The tokens that a User has purchased for MHS products will not expire as long as the User’s account is active. The tokens will only revert to MHS if there has been no account activity for one (1) year.


In the event of account inactivity that lasts for a period of one (1) year, MHS will notify the User via email that the account will be declared dormant. If the User does not reply to the email with alternate instructions—and if there is still no activity within the account—then MHS will declare the account as being dormant. Upon this dormancy, any tokens associated with the account will be reclaimed by MHS.



If the User has purchased tokens that they no longer wish to use, they are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price of the unused tokens if they contact MHS Client Services within thirty (30) days of token purchase.


If the thirty (30) days have passed, the User is entitled to a credit for the purchase price of the unused tokens if they contact MHS Client Services within ninety (90) days of token purchase. This credit can be used toward the purchase of any MHS product.


After ninety (90) days the User may not return or exchange tokens, but may use them only to purchase products that are sold through the portal with specified token prices and account dormancy policies apply.

MHS reserves the right to change the price in tokens (i.e., the number of tokens required to purchase a product) and the price of tokens (i.e., the amount in legal currency required to purchase an individual token) at any time.


Should MHS business needs, model and practices migrate away from the use of tokens for purchase, MHS reserves the rights to discontinue and terminate the use of tokens. Any tokens held by Users in the event of discontinuation of tokens, shall be converted to a credit toward the purchase of any MHS product.



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