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Risk Type Compass Certification Agenda

Risk Type Compass Certification Agenda

The Risk Type Compass® certification program is offered in a classroom-based (or virtual) format for training with an exam to be completed online. Workshops may vary among training partners, but follow the same overall structure:


Learning Objectives

Delivery Method

Module 1:

Learners will be able to:
  • appreciate subjectivity of risk perception and difficulties in defining and measuring risk
  • understand the limitation of relying solely on systems, procedures, regulation and legislation - blanket strategies adopted for risk awareness and risk management
  • appreciate how industries/professions each have their own axis of risk
  • discuss the benefits of approaching risk from the client's perspective
  • understand the concept of ‘Positive Risk Management’
  • use appropriate vocabulary to differentiate different Risk Types and the Axis group
  • understand the basic conceptualization of personality as ‘dispositions’ that are persistent and pervasive
  • explain the relationship between FFM and RTC

eLearning module

Module 2:

Learners will be able to:

1. Risk Type

  • explain the derivation of the RTC ‘pure’ Risk Types
  • understand the derivation of ‘complex’ Risk Types
  • apply knowledge of Risk Types to real examples
  • understand the benefits and challenges associated with each Risk Type
  • differentiate between risk perception, reaction to risk, risk taking, and the implications of each of these for decision-making

2. Risk Attitude

  • interpret the Risk Attitudes assessment
  • appreciate how Risk Attitude influences behavior
  • understand the distinction between Risk Type and Attitude in terms of measurability, permanence, and depth of influence

3. Risk Tolerance Index (RTi)

  • interpret RTi scores
  • interpret reliability and validity of the assessment
  • understand available report options and their intended purpose

eLearning module

Module 3:

Learners will be able to:

    • appreciate the value of addressing the human factor element in the management of risk
    • understand the strategic importance of this approach at the level of the individual, the team, and the organization
    • appreciate the status of Risk Type Compass results in relation to informally observed risk behaviors
    • interpret a Risk Type Compass assessment—the implications of Risk Type for personal awareness and development and its practical implications
    • provide effective and professional candidate feedback—covering all areas including data protection, confidentiality, and ethical implications
    • develop questions to lead their feedback debrief discussion
    • practice feedback skills, including listening and non-leading approaches to questioning within a debrief



Online after completion of program
  • Online exam to be completed after in-class session, covering all modules and in-class material
  • A mark of 70% or higher is required to pass the exam and obtain Risk Type Compass certification



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